Going In Style


25 million (USD) approx


Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema, Village Roadshow Pictures


Comedy, Crime

Release Date:

USA & UK: 7th April 2017

Run Time:

96 minutes


Zach Braff

Product Rating:

BBFC (UK): 12A



Sarcastic Bulldog

Review Score:

70/100 (70%)







Going in Style is unsurprisingly yet another Hollywood reboot, of what is considered a beloved 1979 forgotten classic. For once this is a property worth an actual reboot in 2017 and quality well thought out one at that. The story follows three senior men who get screwed over by their workplace (a steel works plant) freezing their pension and leaving them in dire straits as one is close to losing his house and another needs urgent medical treatment. The plot thickens when the trio discover that the steel works is using the pension fund to pay off the company debts to the bank and ironically it is also the bank they use and have mortgages with! So after Joe (Michael Caine) witnesses a heist at the bank he persuades his friends decides to do the same, get their money back and secure the future for themselves and their families. In doing so, comedy antics ensue!


Alongside Joe is Willie (Morgan Freeman) and Al (Alan Arkin) who to learn the ways of bank heists enlists the help of professional criminal Jesus (John Ortiz). However, it proves difficult with their age, and so in a classic montage style, they eventually learn to work together in the pursuit of financial security. Throughout the film runs the side story of Joe’s struggle with losing his house while also trying to support his family, whereas Willie needs a new kidney to survive.



Freeman's performance brings the heartfelt moments in a heart-wrenching performance. You can connect with him as the everyday man because he remains hopeful even in the worst circumstances and believes in his friends pulling him through. Alan Arkin’s Al acts all the innocent at first and is reluctant to join the heist, but once in the thick of the action, you see his determined wild side emerge. While Michael Caine is the typical British-accented (a technical issue which is never really addressed given the rest of the family are clearly American) every guy who’s personality elevates the film even if doing really bad things but with good intentions. Such as trying not to lose his house to the bank while supporting his family who relies on living with him.



The whole film is a real social commentary on growing old and doing what is needed in desperate times and the impact corporations, and the banking system has on everyday people! Once the heist gets started their age soon shows, and things start to go wrong with them leaving a trail of possibly incriminating evidence. However, in a clever third act twist, the heist replayed in a nice montage showing how little things behind the scenes got played out! Also, it should be noted there is an excellent cameo by Christopher Lloyd playing a geriatric confused character called Milton. Milton has a few extremely funny moments, including one where Al Jokes that he put cocaine in the candy floss. Milton being the confused fool thinks Al is serious; this is a better example of the comedy in the film at its best, and it is certainly carried from Milton’s characterization and the way he is portrayed by Christopher Lloyd.


It has to be said the casting in this film is spot on. The chemistry between the lead characters is fantastic, keeps the story grounded and kept the film interesting. Michael Cain, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin bounce comically of each other so perfectly and are a total joy to watch. Alongside even the side characters and a particular highlight, Christopher Lloyd is perfect in creating the all-around perfect ensemble. The Blend of comedy with a small dose of action makes for a very enjoyable film. Also, the film is well-directed by actor turned director Zack Braff (most well known for being in the T.V. series Scrubs) even if nothing overly stylish going on and with perfectly adequate editing and general production value. Has to be noted a good funky soulful 80’s style soundtrack which certainly added to the feel and ambience! Overall the film is defiantly worth a few watches even if just for the great cast, a very inoffensive fun time all round. Having taken extensive time to consider all aspects of the film both a technical and artistic standpoint I am awarding this film a 70 out of 100. This is by no means the best film in the world but one I feel is definitely worth a watch, especially if you love comedy and/or heist orientated films.


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