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Hi, everyone!

First of all, I wish to apologise for the lack of content this month. Due to my mother being taken critically ill and in hospital on life support, I have had to focus on family, and the result of that has been no content. Things are still a bit touch and go, but I need to return to work regardless. The team and I are working hard to get back on track. To give you some idea of what is coming we have compiled the list below. In addition to this any feedback and ideas are very welcomed, just leave a message in the comment section.


Coming Up Soon

-          - The first podcast to be edited and uploaded finally to Itunes, Soundcloud, YouTube and Twitch Collections.

-          - Next podcast to come soon.

-          - First of the review videos to go live on YouTube.

-          - Streaming to resume.

-          - New news stories.

-          - More film and game review articles.

-          - Updates to the Steam Curator Group.

-          - Users have notified us that the front page top panel is creating a large amount of scrolling down to get the main body of content when using a mobile device. We plan to implement an alternative top area for mobile to resolve this issue and make the website easier to use on smaller devices.

-          - [BUG FIX] Fix for modules displaying on opening articles on the front page resulting in viewers having to scroll before seeing the article they have selected.



-           - [BUG FIX] Fix for text hidden due to colour conflicts on certain pages when using certain features.

-           - [UPDATE] Enhancements to general member’s area.

-          - [NEW] Implementation of downloads directory.

-          - [NEW] Implementation of point store.

-          - [UPDATE] Changes to Patreon campaign to improve it as well as bringing the first Patreon/Sub only content.

-          - [NEW] Implementation of refer-a-friend scheme and rewards.


If there is anything else, you would like to see or comments on what is already listed just leave a comment below in the comment section. Thanks!


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Meet The Team

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