Citadel: Forged with Fire Closed/Open Beta Impressions

Citadel: Forged with Fire is an open world, RPG, adventure online sandbox game that's set to release in early access on July 26, 2017. Between the days of July 21st and 23rd, the game had a beta. The first day was for only streamers/YouTubers and the latter two days were open to all. I would like to mention before I get too deep in this Impressions that I was only able to get to around level 15 while others were able to get into the 30s for later game tier items/fights. I also spent all 10 hours on a streamer-only, player vs. environment (PvE) server.


In the beta not much was explained as far as the story goes, or if there will be one. You awaken in a lava pit as your skin is slowly repaired, but by the time you can take control of your character you are fully restored. There are three locations where you can spawn in on the map, which are all located in the south. As you go throughout the game you level up by gathering resources, building your base, learning different spells and gaining armour to progress yourself through the game, and take on harder and harder creatures.





I enjoyed the beta for Citadel: Forged with Fire quite a lot and spent most of my Friday and Saturday playing the game when I was not busy with work. The game was new and refreshing, so I found myself jumping a lot because I didn't know what a certain noise was or that it looked like you were struck by a meteor every time you levelled up. That last one made me chuckle a tad once I figured out what had happened. In one part of the game I came across a fairy looking creature and found out the hard way that it was not friendly. There were some bugs and glitches that I found, and you can tell the game was going to be in early access.


Some of the positives of the game were that the game seems to be balancing the RPG and open world aspects quite well. For me at least, the game is rather fun, with the building aspect of the game being rather straight forward and easy to pick up. Once you level up and get your bearings, you can start taking out some of the lower creatures easily. The community that was on the server I played on was nice and willing to help out. An encouraging sign was that the team behind this game seem keen on finding bugs and encouraged players to let them know if they found anything problematic. As a result, there were a few updates during the beta and the developers even apologised on the main screen of the game for some of the known bugs.



A were a few bugs I found. For example, getting stuck in a tree while fighting a sprite, a fairy like creature, and then dying as a result. Another issue I found was that a relatively safe area that I decided to build my base in was harassed by a dragon due to a spawning issue. For a good 30 minutes, myself and other players in the beta had to deal with the problem and defend ourselves until someone from another guild came and helped us. Some other things that I noticed that could be put under the buggy column would be that things that were there before you started building your base would grow back, generators that powered your health and mana pools didn't work, and a couple of other minor things. 


Overall, I would say that, for me at least, playing Citadel: Forged with Fire during its beta was fun. Most of the cons that I found and heard of could be put down to the fact the game is still being in early access and the developers needing more time to work on these issues as they are found. As I have mentioned before the developer seems to want to turn their game into something enjoyable for many and I can't wait to see what comes from this game down the road.





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