YouTube has recently updated its partner and monetization requirements. Previously anyone could sign up and monetise their videos via Adsense, however following the changes made only channels with over 10,000 views total on their channel will be able to monetise. Initially, there was some lack of clarity as some members of the public thought this meant 10,000 views per video but we can confirm this isn’t the case; it is strictly 10,000 views on the channel total. In addition to this YouTube has also changed the partner program so that to become a partner you will need to go through a review process.


The main concern of people and particularly content creators is how this update with affect their channels moving forward. Many are seeing this as a lash back by YouTube to promptly deal with the issue of advertisers walking away and boycotting YouTube due to where their ads are appearing. Likewise, users and content creators initially reacted negative to the change, but if you read on, we can clearly break down the key pros and cons of this change and what this may mean for you if you are a user of YouTube or a content creator.



1. New channels missing out on early revenue and could end up waiting on the partnership processing

New channels will not be able to monetize as quickly and lose out on the revenue from the first 10,000 views. Although based on low CPM values that a typical channel would expect to be on they would only be missing out on a very marginal amount of money.


2. Less incentive to start a new channel and those who are still early on in building a viewer base

It may de-incentivise new channels that may have to put years of work in first before they can earn anything and even put people off even starting a channel. Although we recommend, as do many other content creators, that if you are just doing YouTube for the money, it is probably not the career for you. Do it because you are passionate about making content, and making the content you are interested in making. In general, for those who are truly making content because they love doing so, we don’t expect this change by YouTube to be a reason to quit or get started.


3. Could lead to censorship of upcoming news and vlog channels

Depending on how the new partnership reviews work it could lead to censorship of channels which although not inappropriate but do talk about controversial on sensitive issues could be prevented from getting partnership as easily or identified as not advertiser friendly. This could be particularly impactful on upcoming news and vlog channels which often tackle topics that come into these areas but should be open to discuss these topics in a respectful way. Channel owners may avoid certain topics entirely to protect their channel to maximise their chance at the partnership and ensure their content is seen as advertiser-friendly otherwise potentially lose monetization post partnership.



1. More difficult for people to upload and make money from other people’s content.

As a result, this may help with views being stolen from those who originally made the content. Not only will it prevent the views that should be on the original ending up on the re-upload but it may help with burying the re-upload in search results, ensuring the original gets prominence and credit. Granted this will not entirely solve this issue as channels which are past 10,000 views could still just re-upload someone else’s content. It does, however, give YouTube a window of time to detect these channels and ban them and at the very list for those still re-uploading and clogging the search results and taking the views, at least they cannot profit from it with ads in the early part of the channels lifetime.


2. Reduction in inappropriate content with ads against them.

The recent update may contribute to reducing the amount of inappropriate content with ads against them such as terrorism, racism and other sensitive subjects. This inappropriate content is something many advertisers do not want their ads next to. This very issue lead in part to the recent advertiser’s boycott of YouTube which is still ongoing and has resulted in a massive dip in CPMs as well as the recent backlash against YouTube in the mainstream media.


3. Long term it may help in bringing back advertisers to YouTube.

If YouTube can work on its policies and the ways in which ads are placed on content, it may very well lead to greater confidence from advertisers and result in them coming back. I suspect that this is very much part of the plan and is merely step one in a much longer term plan to focus on this.


4. It may lead to a rise in CPMs

If advertisers can be confident, their ads are against the content they want it to be next to as well as bring new advertisers onto the platform. This can only benefit content creators as right now well the money earned especially at the low end is very poor and this can often make it difficult for those to make the switch from doing YouTube as a hobby to being their job whether that is part or full-time.


5. Reduction in inappropriate and spam content being made

It should help clean up YouTube a bit by removing the inappropriate and spammy content. By making the partnership more difficult to obtain as well as restricting monetization to those channels with over 10,000 views it may make inappropriate content less attractive to make. Inadvertently it may help with identifying channels to ban for this inappropriate content as some will inevitably get detected during the partnership process. As a result, there may be a better visibility for channels that are making appropriate content and remove inappropriate videos from clogging up searches.


6. Less incentive for new channels reliant on re-uploading other people’s content and channels that are breaking the law

The update may lead to there may be less incentive for people to make certain types of channels. This can be a good thing though. Channels that revolve around just re-uploading content or reaction channels that show other people’s entire videos may be harder to monetize and potentially even prevented from accessing partnership entirely. Likewise, inappropriate prank channels which are in some cases breaking the law; often with pranks revolving around breaking the law and in some extreme cases terrorism and antagonising people, scaring them and in rare cases leading to life-threatening situations and dangerous situations for the sake of making a more dramatic and entertaining video. It is well documented that many of these channels and videos are staged, but those new coming into this sector will not have the budget of a big channel. Rather than hire actors some of these go out and do these dangerous acts thinking it is ok and endangering themselves and the public in the process and some cases ending up in jail.



All in all here at Charede Gaming we feel that the change in YouTube’s partnership and monetization policy is a good thing for content creators both small, big and everything in between. Well done YouTube you did something right for once. My only major concern is the partnership screening process and specifics surrounding this. We would love to hear from you and your thoughts. Are you a content creator or frequent user of YouTube? Particularly worried or encourage the change? Any comments on my thoughts and the pros and cons I have highlighted? Let me know; I would love to hear from you in the comment section below. Make sure to sign up for a free account for the ability to comment, link below;



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