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A lot has happened over the last three months, and I think it is about time I need to announce a couple of things I had been holding off on declaring till they were finalised. Because there is so much to go through, I will be splitting this across two or three posts over the next couple days. I understand that some aspects of the news/announcements may seem drastic, but do not be afraid to talk to me if you have concerns. I would love to hear from you. You can do this via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the Charede Gaming Discord (invite link to the community room: https://discord.gg/g8Zwcfp) in the #Feedback-suggestions-and-support channel. So without further ado below is some of what I need to discuss with all of you;



After six years it is with a sad heart that we have to say we are closing down EarthRealm. As it stands, I cannot justify or afford the ongoing costs associated with it,and the number of people accessing the server does not justify it either. This is 99% my fault and the result of me having to quit streaming at the end of 2014. I am very sorry this has happened.


I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has, over the years, been a part of the EarthRealm sever community, whether that be as a member of staff or as a server member. I have many fond memories as a result. I want to particularly thank the EarthRealm moderation team who have been upholding our community values and helping players in their own time. I also want to thank Anton for his amazing contribution over many years. He has been instrumental in helping us rework and further develop the network and been a massive support to me and the other team members both as a friend and colleague.As it stands, I have no plans to revive EarthRealm,but I am open to the idea. If there is demand for it in the short term,I may open a private, subscriber-only server Please DM or email me if this is something you would be interested in.


As far as the map files go, I am happy to provided past members of the server copies of some of the maps so you can use these for personal use only If you would like your plot from the plot world or a copy of the survival world, please email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the message title ‘Earthrealm Maps Request’. You will need to include the Minecraft account name that you used in the past to access the server. If you are someone we banned or cannot provide a valid user account name that played on the server network then we will not send you a copy of any maps.


Due to the server being closed, all associated stores and services relating to it are also being closed. This includes the EarthRealm website and EarthRealm Buycraft store.


Project 1845

Although EarthRealm is closing down, we plan to continue to support Project 1845 in the background. We will continue to provide Bohtauri with servers on which to host it, but have moved it to servers local to me to save on cost. Bohtauri and I have had major changes in our situations over the past few years, and as a result of me being more focused on my stream again as well as continuing care of my mother and Boh dealing with his day to day issues, we will not continue progress with the project for now. Hopefully, when both of our situations get better, we can make a push to progress the project and ultimately finish it. I wish Boh the best with his ongoing situation.


Project Gotham

As some of you know, in 2016 I was commissioned by the YouTuber Tihyo (Tihyo’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Tihyo) and his associates to produce Project Gotham. For those who don’t know, Project Gotham is a replica of Gotham City from Batman which was intended for use in multiple YouTuber’s roleplay video series and when completed would be the largest and most faithful recreation of Gotham City in Minecraft. Due to the sheer scale of the project this has, of course, been taking a long time to make.


I want to thank the following individuals for their contributions to the project on both a voluntary and paid basis:


Ziunion Phenomenal work on major structures and landscaping, absolutely crucial in making the project possible and keeping my sanity intact.

Galakticus – I know modern cities are not your thing but thanks for sticking with it.

Acavedo Contributed towards building shelling I cannot thank you enough for helping with this.

Lilyloolie – Contributed to the research of the source material.

DerpyOwl – Contributed to building shelling and being an awesome friend.

PunkOwl – Contributed to building shelling and being an awesome friend.

Caedus – Contributed to building shelling and being an awesome friend.

Sarg aka Exotic Collector – Contributed to building shelling and being an awesome friend.


The project is not currently completed, but features two districts nearly entirely complete and a further two of the eight total approximately 30-50% complete. 100% of the island layout is complete and in place,and 100% of the research needed for the project and its buildings has been completed.


Tihyo and I recently discussed the project and where it is heading. We have decided that due to my situation and the scripts for the video series frequently changing what needed to be built first, it would be best for the project to be handed over to the  YouTubers themselves. Officially speaking, the handover process has already happened as of the week of publishing this but I will provide ongoing support as and when they need it. I wish Tihyo and everyone else involved the bestand I hope the video series to come will be a roaring success! They deserve it for all the time and effort they have put into planning all of this.


Charede& Minecraft Building

Having now handed over Project Gotham and my involvement in Cycraft (Find Cycraft here: https://cycraft.net/ ) being limited, I think now is the time to officially hang up my wooden axe and arrow and end being a Minecraft Builder.  I am closing my doors to commission work.


I know this is a major change,but this reflects the fact that having recently returned to streaming I have no interest in streaming Minecraft and I have been winding down the amount of commission work I have been taking on since 2015. It simply boils down to the cost of running the servers needed, the amount of time I have to dedicate to it now being far too limited, my disagreement with the direction  Mojang has taken in the last five years, and that who I am as a person and my interests have changed.


It, therefore, makes no sense to continue with it; I don’t have the love and passion for it. I think this probably boils down to the fact I streamed it for 8 - 16 hours a day for seven days a week for two to three years and worked on Minecraft projects two to eight hours most days after I was forced to stop streaming in 2014. On some occasions, I would live at my desk for up to 2 - 3 days straight with no sleep, finishing off projects and making last-minute changes requested for tight deadlines. I am simply burnt out and lack the drive and creativity to produce anything anymore. I also do not care to deal with the hassle of people who do not pay for work they have commissioned (thankfully this hasn’t happened in the past two and a half years since I locked down my commissions somewhat) and the other drama associated with Minecraft that goes on behind the scenes.


I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported my work over the years. I really could not have done it without all of you cheering me on and being there for the streams to keep me busy, chat about ideas, and have a laugh along the way as I get work done. I know I am not the most skilled builder, but your support has driven me to get better,and criticism has always been very helpful. I have to give a special shout-out to Cyanideepic aka Cysplanet and Krisalee1 for having the belief in me in the first place. Without this, I would never have taken the leap of faithto explore my interest in building, come out of my shell, and get some confidence, develop my skills and essentially pave the way for me to become a builder in the first place. Cy and Krisalee are two incredible people you should definitely check out (Cyanide’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCyaNideEPiC Krisalee’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/krisalee1). They have been instrumental in getting me interested in streaming as well and been two of the most incredible, supportive friends I have had over the years. They have been there to celebrate the good moments as well as support me when I have had failure andsoul-destroying times. It has been a pleasure knowing them,and I hope that we continue to be friends post my Minecraft chapter closing. I do not know what I would do without them.


Thanks for reading the remainder of the announcements will be out over the next few days. Any concerns or feedback please let me know in the comment section or over on Discord and Twitter. Have a wonderful day everyone.



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Hi everyone, A lot has happened over the last three months, and I think it is about time I need to announce a couple of things I had been holding off on declaring till they were finalised. Because there is so much to go through, I will be splitting this across two or three posts over the next couple days. I understand that some aspects of the news/announcements may seem drastic, but do not be…
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Hi, everyone! First of all, I wish to apologise for the lack of content this month. Due to my mother being taken critically ill and in hospital on life support, I have had to focus on family, and the result of that has been no content. Things are still a bit touch and go, but I need to return to work regardless. The team and I are working hard to get back on track. To…
Hi, everyone! I and the Charede Gaming elves have been busy at work making improvements to the website and community as well as a host of content. Recently content has slowed up a bit, but that has been due to the long list of changes we have been prioritising which should make things better for all of the community using the website.
A new rumour has surfaced regarding the next Far Cry game. The well-established series by Ubisoft has seen us be taken to Africa, tropical islands, the Himalayas and even a primal version of Earth. However, it looks like the next iteration is taking a whole new turn. According to a leak, Ubisoft is planning for the next Far Cry game to be a western theme. In addition to one source for that leak a further…
In China, a new law is being introduced on the 1st of May 2017 which will force game developers who make games feature boxes to reveal the chances of getting each item so that consumers can make informed purchase decisions. Loot boxes or crates for those who are unaware feature in games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch. Such boxes have gained popularity in recent years with a growing trend toward…
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On the 28th April 2017 at Phoenix Airport the FBI and police entered a plane in response to a call claiming that there was a bomb onboard the flight. Although the FBI believed that the call had come from Ice Poseidon, a Twitch streamer/live vlogger it is alleged that the call, in fact, came from someone who watches his Livestream. The act of calling the police and claiming that there is a serious event in…
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This past Friday, March 10, 2017, Twitch had their traditional Twitch Town Hall every PAX East. This time around they talked about a few of their recent announcements which they made to their website www.twitch.tv, as well as a couple of new announcements that had not yet been revealed up to that point.
April 17, 2017

Twitch Town Hall PAX East 2017

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YouTube has recently updated its partner and monetization requirements. Previously anyone could sign up and monetise their videos via Adsense, however following the changes made only channels with over 10,000 views total on their channel will be able to monetise. Initially, there was some lack of clarity as some members of the public thought this meant 10,000 views per video but we can confirm this isn’t the case; it is strictly 10,000 views on the…
Hi everyone, The team at Charede Gaming just wanted to take the time to talk to you all about our relaunch, how this has gone, recent changes we have made in the past week and what we have planned for the near future. We are hoping that eventually this update series will be a thing it its own right with the focus being on keeping the community in loop as to what is going on,…
Gearbox Software shocked many with an out of the blue message addressing G2A about their practices and impact on the gaming industry. Having recently announced that Gearbox Software had a promotional partnership deal for a collectors edition of Bulletstorm with G2A this seems like an unlikely turn of events. From what we have been able to ascertain Gearbox Software responded to direct concerns voiced by John ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain. TotalBiscuit confirmed in a recent video titled…


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