Below is a few common questions Charede gets asked alot, we hope you will find the answers useful. If you can't locate the answer you are looking for make sure to check the rest of the website and if you still can't find an answer feel free to contact charede by email to charede@sngs.co.uk


Q.1 How old is Charede

Charede was born in 1990; you can do the math from there.

Q.1  Is Charede female?


Q.2 Where is Charede from/living?

 Charede is from England, UK and is currently still living there. Specifically, she lives in the south-west area.

Q.3  What is Charede's Pc specs?

 Please click here to a page which shows her current PC specs.

Q.4 What is Charede's History/experience with gaming?

Click here to find out more. 

Q.5  What is Charede's educational background?

 Charede was initially training as a doctor but changed to studying Psychology. Charede graduated in 2014 with a degree in Psychology with her dissertation in stress source detection and treatment application.

Q.6  What is Charede's favourite game?

 Charede's favourite games are; Age of Mythology, Total War Games, World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft and Tomb Raider.

Q.7  What is Charede's job?

 Charede currently works in a school but is looking for other work. In the mean time she also earns some income via her livestream. Prior to this Charede was a full-time Minecraft builder.

Q.8  Is Charede a full-time livestreamer?

 At present Charede is not due to issues with the internet. However Charede has been a full-time livestreamer for 3 years in the past, streaming 7 days a week for in excess of 8 hours a day. Charede is in the process of returning to full-time streaming now her internet is fixed as well as starting up her YouTube channel again.

Q.9  Does Charede do voice/body acting work?

 Yes, Charede has been in doing voice and body acting for several years now and has appeared in several Youtube video series. If you are interested in hiring Charede for this kind of work please contact her on her business email which can be found by clicking here.

Q.10 Does Charede make Minecraft builds commercially?

 Yes. Charede has been a Minecraft builder for approximately 6 years of which she has been commercially building for 5 years. To hire her for a project contact her on her business email which can be found by clicking here.

Q.11 How long has Charede been a Minecraft builder?

 Charede has been building in Minecraft for six years.

Q.12 Is Charede a member of any esports teams?

 At present no but in the past, she has been a member of several highly ranked guilds on World of Warcraft and did have an esports team contract with TLC

Q.13 Where can I find Charede's livestream and youtube channels?

 Charede livestream can be found by clicking here, and her youtube can be found by clicking here.

Q.14 How can I support Charede & Charede Gaming?

 There is loads of ways you can support Charede and Charede Gaming both free and financially. Click here to find out more.

Q.15 What are the livestream rules?

 The livestream rules can be found by clicking here.

Q.16 Where can I find the chat commands for the livestream?

 The commands for Charede's livestream chat room can by found by clicking here.

Q.18 Where can I redeem livestream viewer rewards?

 Viewer livestream rewards can be claimed by using commands in chat or ask a Moderator to help during a livestream.

Q.19 Which software and tools do Charede use for her livestream?

 The tools and software Charede uses can be found by clicking here.

Q.20 What is a huggle?

 A huggle is the cross between a hug and a cuddle and is a friendly way to be appreciative of another person or welcome another member in the Charede Gaming community.

Q.21 What is a wotsit?

 Wosit is a word used in English slang and typically means when someone has done something silly or stupid or used a a shortened version of 'what is it?'. In the case of Charede's livestream, we use this as an alternative term for when someone derps or as an affectionate term for someone in our community who down with the crazy and silly antics that go on.


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