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Whether you are a full time journalist or a casual writer we are looking for individuals with passion, enthusiasm and integrity to write for Charede Gaming. We have opportunities for permanent members of the internal team as well as one off submissions for those who just want to write one or more articles without any formal regular commitment. Below we have put together some more information on these opportunities and important links you might want to check out. We hope you will find this useful but if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us by clicking here.


Important General Information About CG Writers


We have some requirements for all of our writers regardless of whether you decide to become an Internal or External writer. The list below is considered mandatory regardless of which Writer role type you choose;

- You need to sign up for a CG members account. The account can be the standard membership, Elite or Pro. The level of your account will not influence your application or any article submissions you make. 

- You acknowledge that you are not contractually prevented from writing for us due to an existing contract with another individual or company.

- You are required to adhere to journalistic standards as well as follow our writing standards and ethics code.

- You agree to not submit the same article to another outlet, individual or organisation while it is under consideration and in the event of it being accepted for publishing. In the event we decline publishing the article you are welcome to submit it elsewhere.

- You understand that our editors will review the article/s you submit and changes may be requested before we publish a final copy.

- You understand and agree that anything you submit has not be plagiarized and is your original work and ensure submissions include links to all evidence used in the article/s in the case of allegations. In the event you submit plagiarized content or false allegations you are responsible for damages and consequences relating to it.


Benefits for internal and external writers

The Charede Gaming writing team get access to various benefits regardless of whether they are internal or external writers but internal writers do benefit more. Below is just a few of the benefits you can get access to;

- Profile badge & Rank showing you have successfully submitted articles to Charede Gaming. 

- Front page user promotion linked to your profile to help promote your social media and channels.

- Social media promotion from the Charede Gaming account linking your social media as well as the article/s and/or videos you produce for us.

- Additional social media promotion for those who contribute on a regular basis.

- Membership in our Steam curator group, Twitter team list and other team pages.

- Opportunities for review copies of games to keep.

- Opportunities for benefits from our partner organisations.

- Networking opportunities with other content creators including livestreamers, youtubers, journalists, game developers, publishers & production companies.

- Charede Gaming events access.

- Podcast hosting spot opportunities.



Do you pay your internal/external writers?

At present no, however we intend to ensure our internal writers are prioritized for paid positions as soon as possible.

Hang on if I don't get paid then what do I get?

While we cannot offer payment for our writers time right now due to our budget being very tight we do offer other benefits to thank our content creators and foster growth and exposure for them. We do plan to give all our writers paid positions eventually but this will take time and the public's ongoing support to help us grow as an organisation and community.

Do you have Editor positions available?

Yes. Feel free to apply for Editor positions by clicking here.

I am not a writer but I would like to get involved in Charede Gaming in other ways. How can I do this?

Yes. We have loads of positions and ways you can get involved in Charede Gaming formally. Click here to view the application form with available positions.

How frequently do you have to be able to contribute before you can be considered for an Internal Writer position?

We expect internal writers to be able to submit atleast one article every two weeks in order to maintain internal status.

Where can I apply for an Internal/External Writer position?

Click here for the application form.


Internal Writers

Internal Writers are considered active members of the Charede Gaming writing team and produce articles on a regular basis. Some of our writers are also active livestreamers/youtubers and may also produce videos to accompany the article. At present we cannot pay our Internal writers however in future we plan to address this and prioritize converting these into paid positions when financial support increases. Our Internal writing team are considered experienced in their fields and have demonstrated in previous work the quality of their work. These individuals have also made a regular commitment to Charede Gaming and submit content on a consistent, frequent basis.

Click for the application form for internal writers


External Writers

 External writers are considered members of the community who have demonstrated a willingness to submit content and have met the required writing standards. These individuals are not obligated to make regular submissions like our internal writers and can submit as many or as few articles as they want. These individuals volunteer their time and are not paid for their contributions.


Please note being an external writer still requires you to have atleast a free membership account. In order to submit an article you will need to first log in and fill in the article submission form which can be accessed via the top menu item 'submit article'. We then will examine the article and contact you with feedback and our decision whether or not to publish the article. Click the link below to be taken straight to submission form once you are logged in. 

Click for external writer article submission form





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