Re-Review Policy

Below is  a breakdown of the criteria which need to be met in order for a product to be considered for a re-review by Charede Gaming. Please note not all criteria need to be met but a considerable amount.


- The product has had a substantial update or many updates which collectively have resulted in substantial change to the product and consequently the consumer's experience.

- The product was initially reviewed in an alpha or beta state and qualifies for a full release review to reflect the full product.

- The product has an episodic format and qualifies for a full review summarizing the episode/individual releases. Typically this occurs at the end of a season/series such as is the case with tv shows or in the case of games the initial product is completed e.g. Hitman 2016 all initially proposed episodes are released.

- The product has demonstrated through requests, recent sales or an active user-base that it is still of interest to the public.


Re-review Additional Information

- A re-review can be done for a product whether it has substantially improved or declined. As a result a re-review could lead to a better score but also a worse score.

- Where possible we will assign the same reviewer who did the initial review to conduct the re-review.

- re-reviews can be requested by the public, developers, publishers and members of the CG team.

- In the event a re-review is conducted the new score will display and be counted as the games official CG score.

- In the event of re-review the original score will not be entirely removed. The old score will be displayed but as a secondary clearly labeled as the products release score or initial score. We will also label in our information grid that the product was re-reviewed and which criteria was met for it to qualify for a re-review.

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