Support Policy

At Charede Gaming we highly value our community and those who support us and use our services. We, therefore, want to maintain the highest possible standards when it comes to providing you support on the services we offer. More information is below, and we hope you find it useful. In the event you still have questions please feel free to contact us. You can find out contact information by clicking here.

Unregistered Users

Unregistered users have access to a basic level of support. We are more than happy to answer any questions however due to the fact these individuals do not have an account you will be unable to utilise our onsite support systems. Consequently, you will need to send any questions or help requests via email to our support email which can be found here. 

Registered Users

All registered users will be able to not only email us any questions but also use our onsite support system which is available via the member's area when you are logged in. Since you are a member, we will not only be able to assist you with general usage issues but also any account related issues. 

Pro & Elite Users

Pro & Elite users receive all of the support that our free registered users get. However, you are also granted access to out priority support queue. Due to your financial support which we really appreciate we can facilitate an additional support queue dedicated to just those at the Pro & Elite level membership. This means ticket response times for these users is far lower.

Press, Publishers & Developers

We recommend press outlets, publishers and developers contact us via email. You can find our email specifically for industry relations and enquirers by clicking here.

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