Internal & External Writers

Internal Writers

You can join our team as an internal writer by filling in the application form which can be found by clicking here .

Differences between External and Internal writers

Internal writers;

- Must submit regular contributions.

- Must successfully create an application which is accepted.

- In the application process demonstrate experience and expertise.

- Are considered full members of the team and get access to additional benefits including; extra advertising, review copies, internal collaboration opportunities, instant full CG event access and more.


External Writers 

Full Article Submissions

We accept full article submissions from external writers. Those wishing to submit an article must ensure it meets our writing standards. You can download a copy of our writing standards and guidelines here.  

Article Idea Submissions

You are more than welcome to submit article ideas. To do so make a CG member account, sign in and then go to the submission form by clicking here.

Writing Standards for external writers

All external writers are expected to adhere to our writing standards and write in an ethical manner. Details of the writing standards can be found by clicking here.

Payment for external writer articles

At present we do not pay our external writers. If you submit an article, it is entirely on a voluntary basis and on the understanding that you will not be paid but will, however, be credited for your work if we decide to publish it. In the event we do publish it we will advertise the article which may garner you some traffic to your social pages and other links as a result. 

The step up from External Writer to Internal Writer

Individuals who have submitted articles to us previously as an external writer are more than welcome to apply for an internal writer position. Please note we do offer internal writer positions without being an external writer first. Becoming an internal writer will grant extra benefits but will require you to demonstrate a high quality of writing. Our recommendation if you have little background in Journalism is to make multiple submissions demonstrating your ability before considering applying for an internal position as this will improve your chances.


External Writer FAQ's

How do I submit an article?

Click here for our submission form.

How do I submit an article idea?

Click here for our submission form.

What happens if my article is accepted?

We will review your submission, and an editor will send you some feedback and edit requests. Once you and the editor agree that the article is up to the required standard, it will then be published. At this stage, you will need to ensure you have an account registered and we will rank your account to External Writer. Once published your account will tie to the articles you submit. This will enable the community to find your profile and consequently any social media or channels you have. We will monitor the articles' stats which will help if you decide to apply for an internal writer position and also send you feedback and information on how your article has performed.

Will I be paid?

Unfortunately no not at present. When our community expands, we will look to also pay external writers, but at present, it is not in the budget.




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