Charede Gaming monetizes its' content so that we can continue to provide the service and ensure all those who work on our publication, general content, videos and other services are reasonably compensated for their time and skills. There is a variety of ways we have elected to monetize which you will find below along with more specific details for each method.


CG Subscription Service

We offer a subscription service which is commonly known as CG Club. This is an entirely optional subscription service which will unlock to users a range of benefits. The details of these benefits, as well as its' current cost, can be found on our CG Club information section which can be found here


CG Merchandise

We use the Spreadshirt platform as a method of offering a range of CG themed merchandise as well as merchandise based on our content providers. From time to time we will expand the range of new designs as well as new products on which the designs are printed. Charede Gaming does not handle the shipping or production of the products but does receive a commission cut for every product sold via our store with our designs. This helps us keep costs down as well as provide a professional and prompt merchandise service.



Tips are never mandatory but always welcomed. Tips can help towards covering costs as well as helping us expand the content we can offer to our viewership. If you wish to donate you can do so via our donate page which can be done via Patreon which you can find by clicking here or by going to our stream tipping page which can be found by clicking here.


Donating at present does not offer any benefits other than that warm feeling inside for helping support us and the extra content it helps produce for everyone's enjoyment.



At present we use the crowdfunding platform Patreon. Patreon enables us to gather additional funds towards focused goals we would like to achieve. Unlike donations which are more fluid with regards to what it may be invested in with our Patreon page if you donate towards it and we reach a goal we will set out to fulfill that goal as stated. The benefit of the Patreon is you have far more direct control over what the funds go into as well as benefits specifically assigned to certain donation amounts. This means you can donate but knowing you will be getting something specific in return.



Charede Gaming may accept sponsorship from companies and organisations. This can result in us receiving goods or money for nothing in return.


Youtube & Twitch Revenue


At present we are not partnered with Twitch. Any ad revenue generated on our official channel goes directly to Twitch, and we do not handle it. Outside of our main livestream, our content providers are responsible for whether they are partnered or not with Twitch and Charede Gaming has no control over any revenue generated.


At present, our main youtube channel is partnered but not with an MCN. Previously we were with Machinima for three years.


Referral and Purchase of Third party products

We may offer products or services from a third party as well refer our users to a service or product through images and text on our site. If you elect to look at or purchase one of those products, then Charede Gaming may receive a fee or percentage of the sale made. When this is the case, we will label the content so you know we are receiving a portion of the funds generated to that third party as a result of any sales you follow through with. All funds generated via this method are property of Charede Gaming and are not handled by our content team directly.


Paid Promotions

In the case of paid promotions, we will provide ad space to the organisation from which we are receiving funds. When a campaign involves ad content, we will always clearly label this as an 'Advert' or 'Promotion'.

Selection Process

We go through a rigorous selection process to decide which promotions to accept and decline. When making a decision we consider the following;

- Do we currently have sufficient ad space to meet the demands of the promotion on offer?

- Do we have ad space in appropriate places for this promotion? I.e. Film promotion in the film section etc.

- Would the product or service on offer be of interest to our viewership?

- Is the product or service featured in the ad demographic appropriate for our viewership? (Factors such as age, gender, interests etc come into play here).

- Is the product or service on offer offering substances or access to content which is age restricted, banned and/or illegal in some countries? (i.e. we will not accept promotions from companies involved in Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, Tobacco etc).

- Are we currently reviewing a product or service from the company looking to place an ad? (If yes then we would look to put the ad alongside that content, however it would be made explicitly clear that the group paying for the ad has no say in the content of the articles and videos which it is placed next to. In these cases the content of the ad will also be subject to strict criteria so they cannot express misleading terms which may lead the viewership to believe the ad or article/video is an endorsement of the other.

The only individual who handles advertising campaigns is Charede. In the cases where reviews appear next to ads from the same company Charede will assign the review to another one of our content creators and will not notify them that is due to an advertising campaign. We never disclose in advance to our content team any ad campaigns which will be running on the site. This is to prevent any potential for bias as the result of a content creator knowing ads from the same company will be shown alongside the content they have created.   


Advert Revenue

All revenue generated through paid promotions goes to Charede Gaming directly and not to any of its content creators. The funds may be used at a later date to contribute towards covering the cost of our team and facilities, but no member of our content team directly receives money generated through paid promotions on the site.




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