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Position: Youtuber, Writer, Filming Equipment Manager, Filming Technical Support, Editor 
Location: United Kingdom


I'm a Youtuber & reviewer for Charede Gaming. My background is in the film & tv industry having studied film & television production at university and college. I have worked for over three years as a freelancer in television & film & worked on various productions with the BBC, ITV, Freemantle Media and some small independent film companies. Nowadays I am focusing on my own film productions and YouTube content full time. I also work part time at a leading UK film and game distribution store.


I am an avid gamer and currently play on Xbox as my primary console but have a ps4, Wii U, however, I have recently been re-exploring the PC platform again. My love for games started in the 90s when I first played Doom, and I have been hooked on gaming ever since. I am primarily interested in shooters first or third person, driving, sports genres, however, I will give pretty much any genre a go! Even more so than gaming I have been interested in movies. Not just watching but also the production process and behind the scenes elements that bring the final product together. My interest in films and tv developed early on as a child and is deeply rooted in British comedy which initially sparked my interest. Since then I have also taken an interest in mainstream blockbusters, obscure indie films, b movies and even the occasional art house film. 


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