Reporting Style

The writing team at Charede Gaming and our third party writers are expected to follow ethical standards when writing content for the website. Our team uses the AP Stylebook as our guideline when writing as well as our internal writing guideline documents which every writer is issued. Below is a breakdown of a few key areas covered by the documentation and our policy for it;


Sensitive topics:

Some games and films may contain subject matter which is of a sensitive nature, covering subjects such as murder, suicide, & rape, etc. In cases of sensitive topic matter, we will where reasonably make the reader aware. We attempt to do this by including product ratings from organisations such as PEGI and ESRB in our article information grids as well as mentioning the presence of sensitive topics within the article where appropriate. As per the AP Stylebook, we follow the guidelines on how to report these matters considerations are made for vocabulary to use when mentioning these topics.


Factual Content:

When reporting content as factual, we make as much effort as possible to ensure the quality of the evidence to substantiate such claims. We do this by looking at the quality of the information source as well as attempting to find multiple sources which support the claim.

There is a variety of items which we may use as evidence for a claim which can include but is not limited to: screenshots, interviews, videos, newspapers, other websites with a reputation for quality and reliability, etc.


Opinion and reporting of allegations:

Our writers will often report their own opinions. This applies in particular to content such as reviews which are entirely opinion driven. We encourage our writers to ensure that when their opinion is given they make this clear to the viewer. This is done either by the writer explicitly saying 'in my opinion ...' or in the case of allegations 'the individual is accused of.....'



Our writers do as much as they can to avoid posting content featuring spoilers for both game and movie coverage. We pride ourselves on avoiding the spoiling of games and films for our users. For this reason, where possible we will avoid discussing in articles and show in videos anything which gives away major plot points, character development, etc.


There are however some cases where for the demonstration of a particular point such as bugs in the case of games or highly story driven content such as roleplaying games where avoiding spoilers are not completely possible. We make as much effort as possible to avoid spoilers where possible, and in the event of a major spoiler featuring in an article or video, we will annotate as appropriate to give the viewer a choice to avoid in the case of both video and articles that particular section of the content.



Plagiarism of any form is not tolerated. Our team is held to high ethical standards and are responsible for the work they each produce. In the event any individual is reported for plagiarism it will be thoroughly investigated and will result in penalties where appropriate and will lead to the removal of any offending content. If one of our content creators is inspired by another or has been granted use of material by another content creator, we require they add this to the footnotes. If when reporting we heavily rely on the opinion of an another or entertainment then again we require our writers to ensure that the original content source is credited. If a user or another professional within the industry believes a piece of content is a consequence of plagiarism, we encourage you to get in contact with us via email so we can address the issue. We never knowingly post content which has been plagiarised, and each content producer is responsible for the content they create and submit.


We also respect the rights of our content producers and hope that our users will also recognize this as well as other professionals in the industry. We do not tolerate the poaching of our content. In the event, someone would like to include the work of one or more of our content team it is the responsibility of the individual to contact the content creator for permission or take appropriate measures to credit the source.




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