Review Scoring System

Scoring System & Review Information Grid

At Charede Gaming both our review team and third party reviewers are expected to follow our rating criteria when writing the content of a review as well as the final score for the product. Below is a copy of the information we expect our reviewers to include as part of our information grid as well as details of our scoring criteria.


Information Grid Inclusion Requirements

Information we expect all reviews to include are:

- The full title of the product.

- Developer  - Developer who created the product.

- Publisher - Company that published the product.

- Release date - Date Product was released.

- Platforms - Platforms on which the product is available.

- Genre - Advertised Genre of the product.

- Modes - Modes the product features.

- Engine - Which engine the game uses.

- Product Rating - Maturity rating of goods from appropriate rating boards such as PEGI and ESRB, etc.

- Disclosure - This section covers if a review copy was provided as well as any conflicts of interest.

- Coverage Links - Direct links to any additional coverage we have produced including reviews, lets plays and any other relevant articles.


Scoring System

Below is a copy of the scoring system our team and third party reviewers use when determining the final scores for reviews.

Factors we ask our reviewers to consider;

- Technical Elements: Graphics, Audio, Physics, Lighting, Texture Quality, Pop in & Draw Distance, Model Quality, Animations, Difficulty Curve, Control Feedback & Responsiveness, Frame Rate, Bugs & Glitches, Options & Settings, Overall Performance & Intensity on Hardware.

- Artistic Elements: Art Style, Environment, Characters/Characterization.

- Plot/Story (where appropriate): Script, Plot Flow, Immersion in the Universe, Plot Flaws.

- Content

- Overall experience

Score Grid;

An exceptional experience we recommend to all. Has the potential to become a classic and to be one remembered in years to come. Should be used as an example for others similar products of how things should be done. 100 doesn't necessarily mean it is a perfect game with zero flaws but a product which in its entirety is an experience not to be missed.

Highly recommended and commended for excellence. A fantastic example of how things should be done with only very minor room for improvement. One not to miss.

Highly recommend and a super experience that was thoroughly enjoyable. Does most things right. One not to miss but may have some minor issues.

Recommended. Although not perfect is worth giving a try as it provides an exciting and robust experience.

The product had promise and potential to be something awesome but fails to deliver in one way or another. It has some interesting. Entertaining and fun moments but lacks some consistency, some technical issues or just fails to have that wow factor. These products are worth giving a try, but you will not be missing out. May suffer some potentially significant issues which affect the overall experience.

An ok experience but nothing that will revolutionise the medium. Products which come and go fast and have little to nothing to offer of value. Worth avoiding but might be a good time waster while waiting for better products to come on the market

Substantially lacking with significant issues affecting multiple aspects of the experience. Uninspired, bland and featuring nothing to get excited about. Problems with consistency and featuring issues which significantly impact on the experience. Maybe a product which had some potential or showed mild promise but has been so colossally messed up by other aspects hence saving it from the dreadful category

Substantially lacking with significant issues which are beyond irritating. Uninspired, bland and frustrating to play. More of a nuisance to experience and one that you should not actively seek out.

Consistently poor throughout. An insult to the medium and an absolute mess from start to finish. Riddled with technical, artistic and content problems. Not worth your time.

Broken or virtually unplayable. A small effort, riddled with problems and infuriating to play. An example of how things should not be done

An incoherent mess. Recommend you stay away from. A total waste of time and money. An example of everything that should not be done. The absolute worst of the worst.


Review FAQs

Hang on you scored X as Y surely it should have a higher/lower score as it does/doesn't meet the full criteria for that scoring category?

The scoring system above is a guideline, and the information for each aspect is representative of what is considered the minimum to qualify for that scoring category. In the cases of products with several strong elements and a significant weakness you may find it meets in most the criteria for a higher category but ends up scored lower due to specific but substantial issues. Likewise, a product that is riddled with minor issues but as a whole is a better experience may end up in a higher category. We encourage you to read our reviews entirely to understand why that may be the case with that product.


Do you change scores for a game if it has substantially improved after its release date?

Rarely, do we conduct re-reviews, however, if a product meets the re-review criteria, and either the developer, publisher or members of the public have submitted requests we will then initiate the re-review process. If a re-review is conducted and published, we will, however, preserve the initial review and add the new review to the site as new. Direct links to the new review will be placed in the old review, and the new review will be clearly labelled as a re-review.




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