Reviewer Assignment

Reviews are sometimes assigned to particular video & article producers. We often have to work with access to a limited number of a product which is often the case with review copies. When limited copies is a factor we have a selection process to determine who we believe most appropriate to cover the content based on a selection of criteria such as availability, conflicts of interest, platforms content creator has access to, reporting style, knowledge of the genre or medium etc.


Our content creators can also elect to create content of their own choice and submit it outside of any prearranged assignments as well as volunteer for specific upcoming projects. Charede Gaming does not fully dictate which games and films are and are not covered. However we make efforts to ensure a good range of content is covered and importantly highly anticipated releases are covered.


There are cases where multiple members of our team will submit requests to review a game or film. In cases where this happens we may do a collaborative piece such as a video featuring multiple members of our team will cover the product with a collective review experience. However in some cases where limited access to codes may mean in some cases we are unable to do this.


Conflict of Interest

When selecting reviewers to cover specific products we endeavour to ensure that individuals are not assigned to cover games and films for which they have direct personal ties to the companies and those who work for them where possible.


There will however be cases where this is not always possible due to industry relationships. In all cases however we expect our content creators to disclose appropriately any relationships or other conflicts which could affect any judgements and opinions expressed. Disclosure is done via the disclosure box within our articles and within descriptions in videos and on screen prompts. This is intended to enable users to have the information they need so they can use their judgement when considering the opinions expressed.


Disclosure includes but is not limited to: industry or personal relationships, review copy used, gifts, coverage of expenses such as travel & food, extra dlc, private preview events, event tickets provided.


Review costs & Review Copies

From time to time publishers and studios will grant us access to a review copy of a game or film as the result of approaching us or as the consequence of Charede Gaming approaching them. Review copies are important for us to have access to as this enables us to have access to a greater range of content and consequently offer a far greater range of review content to our users. It is important to note that we do not require a review copy in order to cover a specific game or film. However it does substantially reduce our expenses and means we can direct funds into other services and content.


In cases where we have accepted a review copy in order to cover a game or film we will disclose this in the articles and videos relating to the review copy.



From time to time we may feel it to be appropriate to issue a re-review. This is not something we do often but if a game meets certain criteria we will consider a re-review.

Criteria to be considered for re-review:

The game:

- has a following, a related product is being released, or it has been requested multiple times via our online request form which can be found here .

- had a substantial update/patch to fix game mechanics, bugs and performance issues.

- had a substantial DLC or expansion which was not present in the initial games release. The DLC or expansion concerned must not be purely or substantially aesthetic to qualify.


NDAs & Embargoes

The Charede Gaming team aims to provide content in a timely manner and ensure all content provided is of a high standard and meets our accuracy expectations. In order to ensure we can do this we may be required to sign a none disclosure agreement (NDA) and follow an embargo enforced by the game/film creator. Doing so means we can prepare our content in advance of a game or movies release.


It is important to note that we will never sign an agreement or negotiate an agreement which would grant a greater level of access or earlier access in exchange for an altered opinion. We want to be honest with our viewership at all times and will not accept conditions which prevent this.


In the case of embargoes there are several different types. Charede Gaming does not engage with any product for which an embargo was in place which prevented coverage of a product post its legal release. For example if a game was released on Monday but an embargo prevented review content being posted till Tuesday (aka after its release date). We will not agree to an embargo which prevents us to publish review coverage of a product immediately on the products release.




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